scanning trees on the FERP

FERP Internships are available to all UCSC students

The UCSC-FERP is foremost a living laboratory that provides opportunities for experiential and inquiry-based learning.  A beautiful 25-min walk takes students from Science Hill classrooms through forest and chaparral habitats to the FERP.   Class field trips, senior theses, independent studies, and internships are all welcome and encouraged on the FERP.   For questions, contact FERP and Campus Natural Reserve Manager Alex Jones.

Internship opportunities

All UCSC students are eligible and encouraged to participate in 2-unit internships through the  Environmental Studies internship program.  Internships require an average of 6 hours/week, with most time spent in the forest.  Following successful completion of a 2-unit internship (ENVS 184), students can apply for 5-unit internships (ENVS 183), senior internships (ENVS 183A and 183B), senior theses (ENVS 195A or equivalent for other departments), and other opportunities.

FERP internships generally support the development and maintenance of long-term ecological monitoring of the forest, including growth, recruitment, and mortality of trees, spatial and temporal patterns in understory vegetation, forest phenology, population dynamics of herps and small mammals, trait-based ecology, soil, water, light, and meteorological monitoring, etc. Internships are available every quarter.  Specific activities change over time.

Click here for our FERP Spring Quarter 2016 flyer and contact our  UCSC Campus Natural Reserve agency sponsors, Manager Alex Jones and Steward  Joe Miller, for more information.

FERP interns take a break for lunch

FERP interns take a break from mapping trees