Since April 2008 we have tracked the general forest phenology of the UCSC-FERP through a network of 42 1-m-square litter traps.   Every two weeks, interns record:
1. Species of leaves present
2. Species of flowers (or male cones, for conifers) present
3. Number of fruits or cones
4. Number of seeds (if separate from fruits)
5. Species of bark or other plant part.

seeds from litter traps Click to download LitterTrapDataSheet  and the LitterTrapProtocol used to record data from 42 traps on the original 6-ha plot

Phenology data are available on request from FERP Director at  However, we are actively working on analysis of the data, so some publication  restrictions apply.

We are currently updating access to summarized phenology data for all species from 2008-2015.  Stay tuned!

In Fall 2015 we begin collecting phenology data from an expanded network of 115 traps across the full 16-ha FERP.