FERP Data and Resources  {UNDER CONTRUCTION}

Tree census data
Data from 2007 initial census of original 6-ha plot.
These areFERP tree tag the data used in Gilbert et al. 2010.
FERP07data  (right-/control-click to download)

Alternatively, these 2007 data are curated on the CTFS ForestGEO server.

The complete data data from the 2012 recensus and the complete 2015 data for the expanded 16-ha FERP will be available soon.

Download assorted useful maps of the FERP here.

FERP 16ha Trail MapTrail map of the UCSC FERP

Trail map 6ha FERP

2007 trail map

FERP Met station map

Met Stations

FERP 2015 contour and soil pit locations

Contour map with soil pits

FERP 2015 Canopy height with soil pits

Canopy Heights with soil pits

Trail map with Herp and Litter Traps

Trail map with litter traps
and herp boards on the FERP


Download FERP Data Sheets and Protocols here

LitterTraps_Protocol LitterTrapDataSheet v.6ha
 Herps on the FERP Monitoring Protocol